1,344 youths die from drugs every year in Punjab, says Bhagwant Mann


Amritsar: Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann has made a new revelation, shattering all perceptions so far on the issue of drugs in the state. Mann claimed that ‘Chitta’ is made in Punjab itself. He also said those responsible for this would soon be arrested. CM Bhagwant Mann said so during a special session of the Assembly on Friday.

He said he did not understand that there is no poisoning problem in Rajasthan even after more than 2.5 times the area of ​​the border and more than half of the border of Jammu and Kashmir is adjacent in Pakistan, where there is not even a barbed wire. At the same time, Punjab suffers greatly from the drug problem. He said ‘Chitta’ is made in the state. Those involved in these heinous activities and responsible for the destruction of Punjabi youth will soon be arrested.

It should be mentioned that Chitta and other synthetic drugs are said to have crossed the Punjab border from Pakistan. According to data from the Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, 836 out of one lakh people in Punjab are drug addicts. This figure is well above the national average of 250 drug addicts per million inhabitants. The number of deaths from the drug or its disease in the state has been recorded at 112 per month, while 1344 youngsters die each year because of it.

What is Chitta?

Just as heroin is a product made from opium, the synthetic drug Chitta is made from a mixture of MDMA, LSD and methamphetamine. By the way, methamphetamine is its main component. It is also called meth in short words and acts as a central nervous system stimulant, increasing the activity of the vital part between the brain and the spinal cord, whose job is to take signals from different parts of the body and d send a message for a movement.

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