2023: Youth groups storm APC convention, endorse Emefiele for president


Sunday Aborisade in Abuja

Various youth groups across the country, in their hundreds, stormed the grounds of the Eagles Square Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja on Saturday and demanded that the Governor of the Central Bank (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, declares his ambition to contest the presidential election of 2023 without further delay. The huge crowd was made up of women, young professionals and other Nigerians who wore the colorful Emefiele brand clothes.
They were led by the APC Young Professionals League, the Council of Young Ethnic Leaders and the Emefiele support group.
The groups invaded the convention grounds calling on the CBN Governor to challenge the presidency in 2023. Speaking to the media, the group reiterated the need for a worthy successor to President Muhammadu Buhari.
He asserted that Nigeria cannot afford to miss the golden opportunity to elect a world renowned financial expert and economist like Emefiele at this time in Nigeria’s history.
Mallam Kabir Buba, who spoke on behalf of the group, explained the kind of leader Nigeria deserves in 2023, adding, “Such a successor must be a professional, loyal to the president, a technocrat, a patriot and a Detribalized Nigerian.
“He must be one who has been part of the progress in this administration and a less controversial leader.
“Most importantly, he must be a unifier and a peacemaker, someone to quell the South-South quest for one more term and satisfy Igbo agitations for the presidency.”
The groups added that Emefiele fits the bill and is the man to continue consolidating and expanding President Buhari’s progressive legacy. Leaders of the groups highlighted the CBN Governor’s patriotism and his unstoppable commitment to the growth and development of the Nigerian economy.
They said his good character and qualities would make him a worthy successor to the president.
They said, “As an experienced economist with over 26 years of experience in commercial banking, Emefiele is well equipped to place Nigeria among the developed and affluent nations of the world.” They insisted that his recorded accomplishments were too numerous to mention.
They re-emphasized that Emefiele, having worked in both political cleavages, appointed by the People’s Democratic Party government and retained by the APC as CBN Governor, continued to show great dedication and commitment regardless of political alliances.
According to the group’s spokesperson, “In seven years as Governor of the CBN, he twice rescued Nigeria from economic recession and created initiatives that target job creation with over seven million employees. ‘jobs’.


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