Asia Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) 2021 Successfully Held in Guangzhou Nansha


GUANGZHOU, China, November 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Asia Young Leaders Forum (AYLF) 2021, under the theme “Open and Innovate – Cultivating Asia’s Future through the Power of Our Youth”, was successfully held in Nansha District Canton to November 26-29, 2021with the participation of nearly 300 young leaders across Asia both online and offline. The “Asian Youth Development Initiative 2021” was launched and read by Liu Haijiang, General Secretary of AYLF. During the forum, participants exchanged views and held in-depth discussions on topics ranging from technological innovation and smart city, culture, physical education and tourism development, international cooperation in finance and investment, international trade and connecting Asia, healthcare and charity, to Guangdong– Cooperation and development of the Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which resulted in broad consensus.

The “Asian Youth Development Initiative 2021” was as follows:

Today’s youth are the future of Asia. Through joint efforts to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between countries, young people will greatly contribute to the further development of Asia, our common home. It is of paramount importance for the future of Asia and the world as well as the well-being of humanity.

We propose that young Asians uphold the spirit of multilateralism, strengthen communication, strengthen cooperation and share opportunities to achieve win-win cooperation by adhering to the concept of consultation, contribution and benefit-sharing with an open mind. . Young people must take responsibility and honor their commitment to the revitalization of Asia. Working hand in hand to promote innovation as well as exchanges and cooperation between countries in science and education, tourism and culture, medical care, we will build a Asia solidarity, development and prosperity.

We propose that the Asian youth strive to strengthen cooperation in technological innovation so as to increase the total wealth of mankind, alleviate social conflicts and contribute more to the progress of human civilization and the efforts to address common challenges.

We propose that young Asians unite to face common challenges facing human health, such as the novel coronavirus. We should follow the path of cooperation in epidemic control and strengthen global public health security governance, and oppose attempts to politicize or mislabel the COVID-19 pandemic.

We propose that Asian youths fully showcase the spiritual richness of humanity contained in sports competitions, actively participate in large-scale sporting events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, and present the dynamism of young people to the world. Asians and the image of an open, inclusive and progressive society Asia.

We propose that young Asians establish a sense of respect and protection for nature, adhere to the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development, protect our motherland through joint efforts, and contribute to the power of young people to to build a community of destiny for humanity.

SOURCE Asia Youth Leaders Forum (AYLF) 2021


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