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CARBONDALE — It’s a new era for Terrier basketball under the leadership of head coach Lee Nailon and with the Carbondale boys’ basketball team hosting a camp that began Wednesday and will continue throughout week long, Nailon hopes it will be an era that lasts a long time.

The camp is divided into two sessions, with primary school children entering at the start of the session and middle school students entering the gymnasium at the end of the afternoon. During Wednesday’s first session, the Terriers hosted about 25 campers to participate in drills supervised by Carbondale’s coaching staff and some players as well.

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“To be honest, I didn’t expect so many kids, but I’m glad they showed up. It’s a new year, a new system, new goals,” Nailon said. “We’ve been trying to bring Carbondale back to life – it’s been a few years and I think with the kids showing up to camp, it brings that excitement that I look forward to.”

It’s not just the campers who benefit from camp, either, as Nailon stressed the importance of his players seeing basketball from a different perspective, especially as he installs a new system for his team this year. .

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“It’s the terminology and this new system,” he explained. “The more I can bring the kids who play for me around the things I like to do with other kids in the community – camps and such – that will only come in handy for us in August.”

On top of that, Nailon said he hopes his players can see themselves in campers and remember how they fell in love with the game at that age. Meanwhile, campers can also see themselves in the players and imagine what it will be like for them to walk the Carbondale pitch wearing black and white one day. Ultimately, Nailon hopes the campers and his players will come away with a lot of camp knowledge.

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“Communicate and be a leader. Understand that this is part of life. You’re going to have to be able to pass your knowledge on to some of these kids,” he said. “I think they see him and they’re around him and they see the kids doing these exercises that they couldn’t do at that age. Maybe it will make them believe they can play ball in college because of how far they’ve come from sophomore, fourth year to now.

Nailon also has the advantage of making extremely early scouting of potential future Terriers.

“That’s what I did – looking at these kids like, ‘Oh, he’s pretty good, she’s pretty good,'” the former NBA player said with a laugh. cool to see so many young kids coming to the gym and the parents actually getting involved in. That’s the most important part for me, having the parents involved with the kids because without them I can’t coach those kids.


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