Be more active in politics than on social media, REC tells young people – Blueprint Newspapers Limited


The Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of Oyo State, Dr. Mutiu Agboke has instructed young Nigerians to be more active in politics rather than social media alone.

Dr Agboke said this at the 3rd Akeem Kareem Foundation Lecture Series and First Achievement Award, held in Ibadan on the theme: “Engineering Change through the Sorosoke Generation: 2023 and the way forward”.

The REC said now is the time for the Nigerian youth to start a movement which would not be cosmetic, adding that the movement should be a lucid movement without any sinister motives where morality should not be thrown into politics, noting that the vote counts now.

“Youth must launch a movement that will not be cosmetic. It should be someone with a clear mind without any sinister motive. Everyone in politics has thrown away morality, but the vote matters now, although we’re not there yet,” he said.

Dr Agboke added: “Start at the service level. Return to participating in politics at the grassroots level where enormous power resides. You should forget the stereotypes about participating in elections at the national and state levels”.

“All the political parties we have in the country are the same. Thus, for young people, talking about raising funds to find elections and expecting the desired change is out of step with the realities. INEC campaigned for the integration of people considered less privileged. These include women and young people in particular. They should not be marginalized”.

According to Dr. Agboke, money plays a vital role in the political system and that for young people to be effective, they must start from the base where enormous power resides.


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