BUILD Launches Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Education Council For Youth


Twenty-seven members and students join forces to define student success, career readiness and economic mobility for all

PITTSBURGH, November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BUILD is pleased to announce the creation of the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Education Council for Youth (PEECY) in PittsburghPA.The goal of the EE Council is to bring together diverse thought leaders from the education and entrepreneurial spaces, as well as BUILD alumni and students to advance entrepreneurship education for young people in the colleges and high schools of Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. Twenty-seven organizations have already joined the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Education Council for Youth emphasizing the importance of providing entrepreneurship education to all students from underserved communities.

The Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Education Council for Youth is responsible for supporting systemic change in the education system by influencing policy and practice around defining success outcomes for young people by Allegheny and Westmoreland counties. The Council believes that entrepreneurship education is the catalyst for redefining what student growth looks like. BUILD Entrepreneurship Training Programs stimulate the potential of students from underserved communities to build career success, entrepreneurship and opportunity. The Council seeks to create a platform and opportunity to leverage the social capital, networks and experience of all Council members to create opportunities for underserved youth.

“The City of Pittsburgh has experienced strong economic growth, but minority communities and students have not had the chance to benefit from this development. This has created a bigger opportunity gap than we’ve ever seen before, and we’re seeing rising unemployment and falling wages specifically for minorities. The city is terrified.”, says Lamar Blackwell, Founding Director, BUILD Pittsburgh. “BUILD and other leading organizations launched PEECY to create a strong ecosystem of community networks and resources that will equip students in underserved communities with the entrepreneurial skills they need to achieve economic mobility for all.”

Diversity is the main driving force behind the construction of the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurial Education Council for Youth. Members agree to ensure that the Council maintains at least one college student and one BUILD graduate. The PEECY will meet on a quarterly basis. To learn more about PEECY, please contact Lamar Blackwell at [email protected].


Founded in 1999, is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to use entrepreneurship to stimulate the potential of young people from disadvantaged communities to build VSour success, EEntrepreneurial Mindsets, and Oopportunity.

Media contacts:
Lamar Blackwell
Founding Director, BUILD Pittsburgh
[email protected]


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