Commit to empowering Negri youth through education and job creation


SEREMBAN: When the studies of the B40 children stopped during the movement control order because they did not have mobile devices, Felicia Wong Yin Ting used her connections to rally the companies to make them donation of approximately 50 devices.

“My heart broke when I saw they were left behind,” Wong said.

Having come from humble beginnings, she knows how important education is to breaking the cycle of poverty.

“Mum studied up to level 2 then left school to do siew pau to help her family. Dad studied up to grade 1 and became a carpenter.

“Life was hard, money was scarce, but my parents prioritized education for my sister and me. Their sacrifices paid off, as we both graduated from college.

A graduate in Chinese studies from the Universiti Malaya, Wong started out as a teacher, then became the director of the Matrix International School which she had created with the pioneering team.

Education being her forte, it is one of the main pillars of Wong’s election campaign as the Barisan Nasional candidate for the parliamentary seat of Seremban.

Her manifesto includes creating a library in every precinct in the state for elementary school students, “because literacy helps them understand lessons better,” she said.

Wong wants character-building programs for high school students, “to help them learn their strengths, so they can choose the right stream in fourth grade.”

For post-SPM young people, she wants to set up a platform that brings together all scholarship options for higher education, vocational training and seed capital for businesses.

“It’s to show them options because knowledge is power,” she said.

In an interview with The Star, Wong, 43, speculated that it was probably his plan to provide mobile devices to B40 students that was executed at lightning speed that caught the attention of MCA management – hence the decision to choose her to run in GE15 despite joining the party only two years ago.

Wong shared that the progressive, compassionate and practical politics of former Negri Sembilan mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan impressed her greatly.

While serving as the principal of a private school, Mohamad sponsored 25 B40 students from the Rantau campaign from 2015 to 2018.

“These 13-year-olds, despite getting 5As at UPSR, came to boarding school with almost zero ability to speak English.

“Tok Mat asked me to send him their bulletins.

“Initially, I thought, ‘Yeah, sure, the busy MB is going to watch this.’

“But he went through all the reports from every student – ​​three a year over five years – and questioned me if their grades were dropping.

“And his joy was real when they excelled in English and were able to compete in public speaking competitions and emcee events.”

It was then that Wong, a native of Seremban, saw firsthand how politics could change lives in a big way.

Wong is in a five-way fight for Seremban against outgoing General Secretary and DAP General Secretary Anthony Loke (Pakatan Harapan), Mohamad Jani Ismail (Pejuang/GTA), Fadli Che Me (PAS/Perikatan Nasional) and independent Izzat Lesly .

To win over the 157,000 voters (52% Malay, 32% Chinese and 14% Indian), it is also committed to setting up a hub of wholesalers.

“It will create a buzz for Seremban, as well as many jobs.

“The city’s many abandoned unsightly buildings can be repurposed for this,” she said, adding that job creation was vital so that Negri residents did not need to seek employment in Kuala Lumpur. .

Three years ago, Wong embraced new challenges and now runs a biodegradable products company, producing paper straws and food packaging.

His message to voters: “I am pro-development and service-oriented. Women have more empathy and patience. We are more meticulous when it comes to planning and overseeing execution.


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