Community Youth Garage Sale Raises $4,500 for Turning Point Youth Center


Aiden said he also didn’t think the event would have reached the grand total, adding that they had worked hard to make the event a success.

“We were there every night to fix the prices, and the day we got up at 7am to make sure everything was ready to go. It means a lot that we had the support of the communities on this,” Aiden explained.

Makayla commented on her experience with the fundraiser, saying she was “excited and happy” to contribute to where she loves to go.

With the money now in the hands of the TPYC, executive director Belinda Martin explained that the money will be earmarked for running costs. She clarified that while the TPYC receives grants, the grants are meant to be spent on specific items involved in programming rather than keeping the lights on.

“At the youth center, I like to keep our costs as low as possible, and we do that because people donate. So, as boring as it sounds, that money will most likely go to keeping our doors open,” Martin explained.

She mentioned that once she determines how the money will be used, she plans to consult with youth on what they would like to see added to the youth center with some of the funding.

“It makes me very happy that they like the place enough to be willing to put in all that effort and they want to see this place open for many years to come,” added Martin.

The Reddekopp family would like to thank the volunteers who helped organize and clean up the event.

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