Conference takes place in Tirana to inspire young leaders – Exit


More than 210 citizens participated in the 5th LEAPin Albania event at the end of November to listen to speakers in the fields of politics, art, education, entrepreneurship, journalism, media and culture. The idea was to expose participants to motivational talk and motivate young people to achieve their goals. Additionally, LEAPin wanted to stimulate civic engagement and demonstrate how being part of the community improves their future.

“We are delighted to organize for the fifth year the LEAP in Albania 2021. Our common vision is to activate, empower and strengthen the potential of young people through assistance, education, networking and sharing of knowledge to improve the workforce and professionalism in Albania,” said Marilo Meta. , President of LDA Balkan and Salesforce Albania Community Manager.

He added: “We believe that the potential of young people is a movement for the future and for a better future. We encourage young Albanians to get involved in youth organisations. Our message is to support and help each other with progressive principles for the future of the country. “

Speakers included senior LDA Balkan leaders from across the region, professors, economic experts, CEOs, politicians and environmentalists.

An event partner was UTDS Optimal Choice, and director Richard Russel gave a keynote presentation. He told the audience, “Your reputation is key. Build it through your behavior and what you can do for others. Push yourself to be better every day. You are the leaders of tomorrow and one day you may be asked to give a talk like this, be sure to get it right now to give you the experience to give a better presentation than I ever would could.

UTDS Optimal Choice co-founder Marsel Leka said, “In recent years there has been an explosion of business opportunities in Albania. With this in mind, it is imperative that the next generation of young professionals have the best possible support to succeed. With UTDS being part of this conference, we hope we can be part of this vital support network.


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