Congress launches campaign with youth wing leading protests in Bhopal


Kicking off the 2023 election campaign in Madhya Pradesh, the youth wing of the Madhya Pradesh Congress staged a protest in Bhopal on Thursday.

Addressing the rally at the MPCC, party leader Kamal Nath said there had been enough talk about unemployment and inflation. To come to power in 2023, the Congress party must fight the police and the administration and every worker in Congress must be ready for this fight, he added.

“The way the Shivraj government used water cannons, arrested YC workers and imprisoned them in bogus cases, shows the autocratic behavior of the state government,” Nath said, commenting on the protest “Yuva Shankhnaad ” in Bhopal. “The government has claimed that it is not ready to listen to young people and is eager to drown out the voices of job seekers.

Srinivas BV, the National Chairman of the Youth Congress urged the party workers to raise rebellions against the state government at the district level. He urged YV workers to corner BJP leaders on issues such as unemployment, inflation and power shortage whenever these leaders visit their respective areas.

On issues ranging from inflation, unemployment, abnormalities in entrance exams, the Vyapam scam and others, YC workers staged a massive protest in the Shivaji Nagar area where police had erected barricades to prevent demonstrators from going any further. Police used water cannons as protesters tried to climb the barricades and both sides pushed each other.

Including former MPCC leader Arun Yadav, Sriniwas BV, Kunal Chauhdary, Vipin Vankhede and others were arrested on this occasion.

Well aware of youth issues and the power of young voters in the state, the Congress party planned to launch the 2023 election campaign while reaching out to young people and Thursday’s protest was part of that strategy. To add, thousands of teachers who have passed recruitment tests are demanding nominations, thousands of young people are seeking to fill government vacancies, and a large number of young people have alleged discrepancies in the exams conducted by Vyapam (PEB).

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