Cops summon PKR Youth leaders following MACC protest


PETALING JAYA: Several PKR youth leaders were summoned by the police for a peaceful demonstration they organized yesterday in front of the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya.

According to PKR Youth leader Akmal Nasir, the participants will be investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act.

MP Batu P Prabakaran and Deputy PKR Youth Leader S Thiban were also summoned.

Akmal said in a statement today that he would cooperate fully with the police, but the intimidation by whistleblowers and pressure groups must stop immediately.

“While we are fully prepared to cooperate with the police, any intimidation against whistleblowers or groups calling for action must stop immediately. Instead, Azam (head of MACC) should go on leave until that a thorough investigation be carried out,” he said.

Tan Sri Azam Baki has recently come under scrutiny after allegations surfaced that he held shares in two companies in 2015.

The MACC Advisory Board cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Azam told the media that he allowed his brother to use his trading account to buy shares of both companies.

Following the controversy, the Securities Commission (SC) said it would contact Azam about his stockholding activities as well as his brother, who allegedly used the MACC chief’s account.

Azam said he would cooperate fully with the SC.

Federal police also confirmed they received a report of Azam’s admission that he allowed his brother, Nasir, to use his account to purchase shares.


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