DCC camp brings joy to youth center in Mexico


But that day, they were greeted with a few unfamiliar faces. Although they might not have recognized the people exactly, they certainly knew the uniform and the brand. Members of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were special guests for an event. The DCC team was in Mexico for their annual calendar.

And for two hours, more than 100 children (ages 9 to 12) were treated to a variety of emotions. Not only did the boys and girls learn new dance routines from the cheerleaders, but the DCC members also showed off their soccer skills.

All in all, it was a teaching experience that seemed to have as much impact on the DCC as it did on the children in the youth center.

“It became the highlight of our whole trip,” said Kelli Finglass, the director of DCC. “It’s a character-based after-school program. They teach children character traits. They teach them optimism, excellence, self-control, love, kindness. I think “At the end of the day, we’ll be more inspired than the kids. This has been an exceptional way to bring the excitement and fitness fun of the NFL, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to our friends in Mexico.”

School principal Isabela Arana said it was an honor and a “gift” to be associated with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that day.

“The programs we offer at the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation help children create different spaces and opportunities to build their capacities and achieve a better future,” Arana explained. “We consider this visit as a great gift because through it, with the activities that are carried out, our children can learn from an excellent example of leadership, teamwork and a wonderful attitude from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”

The event was split into three sessions – with nine DCC members leading the dance group, five handling the soccer portion of camp, and then another five playing an assortment of games.

“The kids are adorable,” Finglass said. “We talked about football. We talked about hairstyles. We talked about dancing. They learned a bit of English. We learned a bit of Spanish. It was absolutely amazing. It’s my favorite experience here.”

Arana is well aware of the visibility of the Cowboys and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders even before this event. But she hopes it will help inspire a few other younger generation Cowboys fans.

“We know that in Mexico, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the favorite teams of Mexican fans,” she said. “And we hope that after this visit, all of our children will join in this cheer.”


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