FSL India conducts capacity building workshops for young people to tackle cyberbullying


FSL India recently held a series of cyber bullying workshops titled CTRL+ALT+DEL – “Combating Cyber ​​Bullying, through Alternative Safe Space & Deleting Hate Speech”. The workshops were held for students and faculty members from various institutions including Bhandarkar’s Arts and Science College, Kundapur on October 29; St. Joseph’s University, Bangalore on November 3 and CMR University on November 4, 2022.

A total of 220 students and teachers from all these reputed universities attended the workshop at their respective universities where the keynote speaker – Dr. Shubhra Punetha, a renowned psychiatrist discussed the current situation of cyberbullying in the world and also listed its adverse effects.

Participants were then introduced to the best ways to combat cyberbullying that are followed globally and technical measures to protect their information online. Participants then worked in groups to develop actions to increase awareness and safety among their peers to tackle this pertinent issue.

This initiative of FSL India was funded by Erasmus+ (EU program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe), and was organized in partnership with four international organizations namely RIZIKA (CZECH REPUBLIC ), IGEEI (PHILIPPINES), IIAPHS (ITALY) and SYAJ (PORTUGAL). All organizations worked hand in hand to lead the planning and implementation of the project.

The objective of this project was to address the issue of cyberbullying and call for relevant actions on how to create a safety net to ensure the protection of the rights especially of vulnerable groups such as children and young people .

Speaking at the workshops, Mr. Rakesh Soans, President of FSL India said, “Children and young people are negatively affected online through social media platforms and the complexity of these social networks means that the Bullying can take different forms on different platforms. There is a need to raise awareness and create ecosystems to sensitively manage the emotional well-being of the younger population.” including cyberbullying”

For the past two years, FSL India’s Cyberbullying Project has focused on exploring best practices to address the problem in Asia and Europe. They also organized an international conference on cyberbullying in Rome, Italy. As part of the most recent phase of the project, youth workers from partner organizations came together for a training held in Bangalore, India, where they met experts in the field and exchanged knowledge on the psychological aspects , Education and Techniques of Cyberbullying in India.

Stefania Tudorache – Trainer, Synergia Braga, shared her thoughts on the workshops, saying – “Bullying is not a new phenomenon, but the digital landscape has fundamentally changed the way young people experience it. This project is very important for Synergia, because it helps us to better understand the phenomenon of cyberbullying around the world and to create new platforms for awareness, prevention and support for victims.

Based in Bangalore and in operation since 2001, FSL India’s mission is to create a strong, well-connected and regenerative society for a better world – through volunteerism, education and community development focused on youth and people. community organizations and voluntary enterprises.

As members of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS-UNESCO), NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organization, FSL India networks with like-minded organizations. same ideas around the world, to promote youth mobility, intercultural learning, social inclusion and global citizenship through grassroots and volunteering activities.

For more information about FSL India, you can visit: www.fsl-india.org/bng/


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