Funding for an Indigenous youth group


Wyndham Vale’s Strong and Deadly Aboriginal Youth is one of 27 projects across the state to receive a share of $5 million in social connection opportunity funding.

Funded by VicHealth, the Aboriginal Wellness Foundation announces that it will offer two co-designed programs that will foster social connections through traditional and contemporary culture, social and emotional well-being, education-employment and training opportunities , intercultural experiences and LGBTIQA+ learning for 18-25 year olds.

Project manager Rowena Price said the need for the programs was identified by the young members.

“On separate occasions, young people in the men’s and women’s programs have approached the mentors and expressed their gratitude for the places provided to them,” Ms. Price said.

“They also expressed that while they were truly grateful to learn from Elders and the older community, they felt they needed programs that would support them not only in their culture, but also in the many different challenges that come with being young people and young adults.”

Ms. Price said the program’s impacts on the lives of Indigenous youth can be broken down into three segments.

For short-term impacts, the program allows previous program participants to return to mentoring alongside adult mentors, youth who have applied for the program feel validated and heard, and participants will be able to strengthen social connections with the community. broader indigenous community.

Ms Price said the medium impacts will include: “The development of a deeper understanding of the values ​​of respect, responsibility and accountability to the county, culture and community, and

learnings and conversations that help break down barriers for our LGBTIQA+ community and understand how this transfers to cultural and contemporary understandings.

“[The] long term impact [is] a community of healthy Indigenous youth who have broken cycles of intergenerational trauma,” said Price.

“[And] emerging community leaders who are strong, deadly and resilient, and know they are supported and supported by their community.


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