Government will help local young people take up ACS opportunities, says John Lee


Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu said the SAR government will help local young people seize opportunities in mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, enabling them to strive to the best of their abilities.

Speaking at an event on Monday, the Hong Kong leader said President Xi Jinping’s report to the 20th Community Party Congress highlighted the country’s support for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Greater Bay Area- Macau.

Lee said the establishment of the National Development Integration Steering Group outlined in his policy speech echoes President Xi’s plan, in which the SAR will pursue initiatives across all offices and provide one-point guidance. from a strategic and macroeconomic perspective to improve communications with continental authorities. .

In the meantime, he noted that the government will regularize the GBA’s youth employment program to help local youths explore opportunities on the continent and contribute to the high quality development of the country.

Separately, Lee said he was inspired by President Xi’s speech on Sunday after his re-election as general secretary of the Communist Party, in which Xi promised the party would always work with the people no matter what the circumstances.

The president said yesterday that “we will always ride out the storm with the people and stay heart to heart with them. By taking their priorities as our own and acting on their wishes, we will continue the hard work to turn their aspiration for a better life into a living reality.

The EC said he would also endeavor to lead his administration in building a more united and hopeful Hong Kong, with his team serving the public diligently.


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