‘Great Futures’ program keeps young people engaged during summer vacation | News


ST. MARYS — Enrollment in the Boys and Girls Club of St. Marys’ “Great Futures” summer program is underway.

The program lasts 10 weeks, starting in early June and ending the second week of August.

Executive Director Joe Jacob said the program is for all ages, inviting participants to spend their summer vacations focusing on critical thinking, math skills, outdoor adventures and daily reading.

The goal, Jacob said, is to keep students intellectually engaged over summer vacation through reading and “creative play,” as well as providing enjoyable activities.

“Developed by educators within local school districts, participants are challenged to continue to grow and achieve cognitive gains, which are often lost during the summer months,” Jacob said.

The activities also strengthen their skills in team building, problem solving and social relations.

“Each week is designed differently to provide something exciting for each child, as well as exposing them to new experiences and things in their community,” he said.

The Great Futures program includes trips to the St. Marys Public Library, local restaurants, farms and parks and more to get students exploring, Jacob said, as well as cooking, science experiments and escape rooms.

The Boys and Girls Club’s average over the past year has been higher than previous years, Jacob added, and continues to grow each year.


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