Gurugram School and Swedish Embassy Collaborate to Engage Young People in Climate Change Dialogue


The Swedish Embassy has partnered with a leading private school in Gurugram to engage young people in a dialogue on climate change, ahead of Stockholm+50, an international meeting on climate change and environmental protection. environment. To highlight the perspective of young people, Heritage International Xperiential Learning School invited selected students to participate in an interactive panel discussion focusing on the well-being of current and future generations.

Stockholm + 50 is a crucial international environmental meeting, which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 2-3. This year’s global high-level meeting will launch climate talks under the theme “A Healthy Planet for Prosperity of all our responsibility, our opportunity. The international discourse will follow months of consultations and discussions with individuals, communities , organizations and governments around the world, ensuring the well-being of current and future generations.

“Every morning when I get up I say a few words, taught by my elders in homage to this land, Mother Earth, asking for her forgiveness for having walked on her. The words always remind me of the fact that we are part of this world , not his lord, whose resources should be shared and should not be taken for granted in any way. I wish the younger generation could find a new way of life that is better and away from the old ways as much was wrong with it these, which is more beneficial and healthier for all life, including animals and plants living on the planet,” said Gautam Bhattacharyya, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Sweden.

“Fifty years ago, in 1972, at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started something with other leaders that has become a global environmental movement. Today, if we look back and analyze what we have done. We really took a wrong turn. I think what we discussed today we also need to practice, starting with a seven-day challenge,” he added.

Besides the interactive session, a seven-day challenge has also been launched by the Swedish Embassy and Swedish alumni, starting June 1, 2022. The seven-day challenge has been launched to encourage students to devise a plan # MyClimateCommitment, framing a more sustainable way to eat, move and live for seven days.

“As adults, we desperately need to provide our children with a planet they can inhabit and enjoy. It’s the younger generation that’s going to make it happen, because our generation and the previous one didn’t pay enough attention to this issue, perhaps out of self-interest or just lack of foresight,” said Spokey Wheeler, Director and Head, International Heritage Xperiential School.

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