‘I focus on their economic situation’: Candidates woo young voters with promises of jobs in Malaysia GE15


Typically, parties have tried to woo young voters by fielding younger candidates and offering promises to young people through their party manifestos.

However, GE15 takes place when the economic outlook still looks bleak for many young people.

According to economists, it has become considerably more difficult for young Malaysian job seekers to find jobs compared to the general population.

Consequently, many of them end up as gig workers in jobs where their skills and experiences are underutilized.

Perikatan Nasional (PN) candidate for the federal seat of Pekan, Mohd Fadhil Noor, echoes the need for the next government to create better job opportunities for young people.

The 43-year-old candidate said that in the case of Pekan, Pahang, there are already auto factories, but more can be done by building factories for processing rubber, palm oil and paddy rice.

“If there are more factories, then there will be a lot of jobs created. Old people do not work in factories; it’s mostly young people.

“We can build a factory, housing and a surau (prayer hall) so that it is a community,” he said.

In a Facebook post, the Deputy Commissioner of the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), a component party of the PN, Dr. Alias ​​Razak pointed out that the coalition offers more than 20 youth-related incentives and programs if it is elected at GE15.

“We are committed to creating one million high-income job opportunities in the digital economy sector for young people,” he said.

Election day is November 19 while early voting will take place on November 15.


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