J&K LG at Counter Pakistani Propaganda Conference


In a first in the history of Kashmir, a nationwide conference was held in Srinagar where youths, women and members of civil society from Kashmir participated to discuss methods and ways to counter Pakistani propaganda and the radicalization of the youth of Kashmir by the neighboring country and its secret agencies.

J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha was the keynote guest and keynote speaker at the conference held on March 23, which happens to be celebrated as Pakistan Day across Pakistan, according to a statement. Press.

Organizers said the national-level conference “in the heart of Srinagar is a great success and was held for the first time in Kashmir.”

The conference was held at Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Center, Srinagar.

The conference saw discussions on the exodus of Pandits from Kashmir, with the participation of several dignitaries, civil society members and youths, according to the press release.

The role of religious leaders in deradicalization, the role and responsibility of civil society in countering radicalization, and the role of the media in building a just narrative were also discussed at the conference.

The speakers at the conference – Shiekh Muzaffar, Mirwaiz Latief, Qari Mohammad Ashraf, Mufti Nisar, Khalida/Muntaha and Haji Mohammad Jameel – said that although there is a decline in terrorist activities in the valley, indoctrination and Pakistan’s radicalization of Kashmir’s youth is “worrying and the methods to counter these tactics used by Pakistan is the need of the hour”.

Speakers said that Kashmir is a place of peace and brotherhood, adding that the valley, in particular, is known for its community ties and brotherhood. They were also of the view that efforts should be made to address “feelings of perceived injustice”.

Speakers also emphasized the need for a contemporary educational infrastructure.

Speakers also emphasized the need for contemporary educational infrastructure with dedicated security coverage for them. They also said religious preachers should not be allowed to spread jihadist ideology.

The rapid creation of job opportunities by boosting tourism and developing infrastructure was also discussed at the event.

Speaking at the event, a woman from Budgam who is also a member of the DDC, called on women to come forward to bring about change, setting her own example and saying that when she can come forward and achieve this level, why others can’t.

A Kashmiri woman speaks at the conference.

In his opening speech, LG Manoj Sinha said that the efforts made by the boys and girls of Kashmir will bear fruit and the government will provide them with all possible help. He also said that we should make a collective effort on the comprehensive development of Kashmir.

“Now is the best time to fight Pakistani propaganda and the vicious plan to radicalize Kashmir’s youth. The youngsters of Kashmir are the best in all of India and we will not let their talent go to waste,” he said.

“Kashmir is witnessing overall development in the power sector, education sector as well as other sectors. 2026 will be the year of Jammu and Kashmir,” LG added.

J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha at the conference

Speaking to the media, J&KNPF Chief Boss Sanjay Kumar said the government was working hard for the overall development of Kashmir. “It is now the responsibility of people, especially young people, to step up and make change visible on the ground and to touch the heights,” he said.

He said his party is continuously working for a good cause and will pursue this mission through J&K, adding that people should realize that contributing to society “in the real sense” is important and a priority for the development of Kashmir.

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