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JKPCC Chairman Vikar Rasool Wani addressing a party function in Jammu on Friday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

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JAMMU, September 9: JKPCC Chairman Vikar Rasool Wani said today that J&K youths find themselves shrouded in darkness as they have no hope of getting a job even after gaining higher qualifications.
Addressing a Youth Congress meeting hosted by former PYC President Paranav Shagotra, the JKPCC leader said J&K youth feel suffocated by the repressive policies of the current government. He urged young activists to lead efforts to bring about change and empower young people to shape a future of dignity and peace.
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“The looming uncertainty coupled with the confrontational approach of the BJP government has created a sense of hopelessness and hopelessness among the youth. The unfortunate failure of the central government to reach out and build bridges of reconciliation and peace with our young people has created a political vacuum. In this grim atmosphere, our youth are deprived of their right to dream of a dignified and prosperous future, which is a travesty,” he added.
“Promises were made in elections and votes were solicited for specific purposes. The same promises were then bartered, uninhibited, for the personal and family political empowerment of a few, while our hard-working, honest and sincere young men and women were disappointed and left at the mercy of uncertainty and restlessness. Because of this betrayal, the trust deficit has widened further to an extent where skepticism on the ground far overshadows the usefulness of any rhetoric the government has to offer,” Wani added.
The incumbent JKPCC Chairman, Raman Bhalla, said the youths of J&K have been the hardest hit by various decisions of the BJP government. The government jobs that should have been given to our young people are going to foreigners. It is the young people of J&K who should have the first rights to the jobs generated in their regions. But this is not the case. He said that ideally, much of the jobs generated in local power and road infrastructure projects initiated by Congressional governments in this region should have been in the hands of educated and skilled local youth in the region. But that doesn’t happen; on the contrary, the outsourcing of jobs and contracts has rendered our youth in this region, and elsewhere, hopeless. It is against this injustice that we are fighting,” he said.
JKPCC General Secretary Manmohan Singh said friends and relatives of leaders of the ruling alliance were being brought directly into official jobs through the back door. “We have highly qualified and talented young people who have given their sweat and blood to be granted excellent academic degrees and this government seems determined to alienate them after stripping them of their merit and their rights,” Singh said.
Former PYC President Paranav Sagotra said the greatest injustice towards young people continues as the government has little to offer apart from rhetoric and photo opportunities. He said rising unemployment at J&K was a matter of grave concern and a telling indictment of the current government’s failed policies.
Several senior leaders including Pawan Raina, Sanjeev Panda, Rajveer Singh, Karan Bhagat, Dwarka Choudhary also spoke at the meeting.

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