Jufitri Joha from Pakatan makes the fight against school dropouts and youth unemployment his mission in Rembau


Jufitri Joha, candidate of Pakatan Harapan, arriving at the Dewan Seri Rembau Nomination Center on November 05, 2022. — Photo by Raymond Manuel

By Soo Wern Jun

Sunday, November 13, 2022 07:00 MYT

REMBAU, November 13 — Jufitri Joha, originally from Rembau, has a vision, and that is to establish a network of certified professional youth workers.

In fact, he said, it was something he pushed for the post-2018 general election, and legislation would have been tabled in parliament, were it not for the downfall of the Pakatan administration. Harapan (PH).

“The PH government was close to tabling the law but was disrupted when the government collapsed.

“I am still fighting for this cause, and I hope to revive it if I win the election, which will allow me to bring this to parliament again,” he said. malaysian mail during an interview at Sungai Talan Recreation Park here.

The 43-year-old said a professional presence of youth workers in the country would help tackle youth-related issues such as school dropouts and unemployment.

Supporters of Pakatan Harapan set up a billboard of PH candidate Jufitri Joha Hasan in the rain along Jalan Chenong-Astana Raja, Negri Sembilan on November 06, 2022. — Photo by Raymond Manuel

Supporters of Pakatan Harapan set up a billboard of PH candidate Jufitri Joha Hasan in the rain along Jalan Chenong-Astana Raja, Negri Sembilan on November 06, 2022. — Photo by Raymond Manuel

“The role of the facilitators is to support and develop the young people.

“We often blame young people for being lazy or without direction. But what we don’t realize is that they feel lost due to a lack of guidance from school or parents who are too busy with work.

“This is a very common situation facing young people today and is one of the factors that makes them feel like they don’t seem to have a purpose in life,” said Jufitri.

He added that there is still a lot to do with young people, especially after Covid-19, as his work on the ground at Rembau made him aware that the number of dropouts is increasing, as many do not want to continue their studies or even complete their studies. high school.

“The situation has become dire. This is why Malaysia is losing young talent to neighboring countries.

“One way to prevent this from happening is to bring the soul back to education.

“Many see education as a way to earn a living. They are no longer interested in acquiring knowledge.

“Students need to be given clear direction in life and in the career they want to pursue,” he said.

Asked about his views on the five-way competition he faces in the general election, Jufitri said he had already anticipated it.

“I don’t consider myself an outsider because I’ve worked a lot on the pitch over the past 20 years.

“I’m just less popular because I spent time abroad to further my education.

“If you ask me about the five-horned contest here at Rembau, I think it’s actually good for us (PH) because it might split the Malaysian vote,” he said.

The law graduate, who also has a master’s degree in community and youth work and a doctorate in youth studies, added that running for office in Rembau is a dream come true.

“When I was offered the chance to compete here, it was like a dream come true as I had always wanted to serve the community and be close to my family at the same time.

“If elected, I can serve both my parents and my young people here,” he said.

Apart from youth work, Jufitri added that he hopes to instill in the younger generation a better understanding of culture and customs to break the perceived bond with race.

“It’s what shapes a person. It’s not about your race but about your core identity,” he said.

Jufitri also warned against over-urbanizing Rembau to protect its natural beauty.

“The nature of Rembau has great potential to be developed into a tourist site. This is why it should not be over-urbanized.

“Its rich natural identity must be preserved,” he said.

Rembau’s parliamentary seat will see a five-way contest on November 19.

The candidates, including Jufitri, who will try to wrest the seat from Barisan Nasional (BN) are Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus of Perikatan Nasional, Datuk Ramly Awaluddin of Gerakan Tanah Air and Tinagaran Subramaniam of Parti Sosialis Malaysia.

They will face Barisan Nasional Vice President and former Negri Sembilan mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

The parliamentary constituency is 66% Malay and 11% Chinese. Indians make up the remaining 23%, along with other races.

In the 2018 general election, incumbent MP Khairy Jamaluddin defended the seat with a majority of 4,368, winning 36,096 votes. His opponents Roseli Abdul Gani of PKR and Mustafa Dolan of PAS obtained 31,732 and 6,028 votes respectively.


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