Kgetleng youths lament unemployment, call for development programs – SABC News


Young people in Kgetleng township in Koster in the northwest have called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to tackle the problem of unemployment.

The president was delivering the keynote address at the Human Rights Day commemoration at the Reagile Sports Ground on Monday.

The official celebrations are taking place in Koster under the theme: “The Year of Unity and Renewal: Protecting and Preserving Our Human Rights Achievements”.

The day is historically linked to March 22, 1960, when 69 people in Sharpville died and 189 were injured, when police fired on those protesting the pass law.

Many young people would like to see an acceleration in job creation. They argue that the lack of employment opportunities prevents them from enjoying certain fundamental rights.

Development programs

There is also an increased call for the creation of development programs for young people. Young people want the government to create recreation and sports programs that will keep them from doing mischief and eventually lead them to contribute to the national community.

“We look forward to hearing one day that our community has produced legends in football or rugby for example.”

With the spotlight on this area on Monday, they hope the situation will improve now.

Human Rights Day 2022 I Expectations of residents of Koster in the northwest


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