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By Lindsay Advocate

Young local youth will have more opportunities to develop their leadership skills and confidence through the new Rural Youth Leadership Fund hosted by the Kawartha Lakes Community Foundation.

Founded by longtime Fenelon Falls resident Mike Perry, the fund will cover costs — including tuition, accommodation, transportation — and even pay for any lost wages — for Kawartha Lakes youth to participate in training programs offered by the Institute For Change Leaders (ICL): www.changeleaders.ca.

“We are pleased to provide this opportunity to strengthen youth leadership here in Kawartha Lakes,” said Foundation President Jack Roks. “This will help local youth access the latest and greatest in leadership training.”

The ICL combines the art of personal discovery with concrete organizational skills to help people channel their inner leader and learn how to make change in the areas that matter to them. The ICL uses unique methods from Harvard University.

“I started this fund because I know our local youth have the voice and power to strengthen our communities in the future,” Perry said in a press release. “I just want to help them access training from the best in the industry, to bring their newfound knowledge to work in our Kawartha Lakes communities. »

Former Lindsay resident Jessica Topfer, 25, is thrilled to have access to leadership training. “As a young person, having affordable access to learning resources positions me better to participate in spaces and conversations where young people are typically not really included, especially decision-making.” Topfer says she is grateful for this opportunity to grow personally and professionally, in order to shape the world she wants to see.

All Kawartha Lakes high schools – LCVI, IE Weldon, Fenelon and St. Thomas Aquinas – will receive information about the leadership fund.

“Our young people know what is missing in our communities and I am thrilled that this fund wants to engage with young people in this capacity,” said Elizabeth Alton, Vice Principal of Fenelon Falls Secondary School (FFSS). “Students here have already expressed interest in strengthening our community through their leadership and this opportunity will certainly help.”

FFSS grade 12 student Ryder Lytle, 17, is excited about the opportunity. Lytle lives in Kirkfield and has her own business next door while in high school. “It’s great that this fund is being created to help us grow and learn how to lead and change things for the better,” he said. “I am considering taking the program and would recommend everyone to check it out. Her classmate Emily Smith agrees the fund will inspire community engagement and benefit those who use it for training. Logan MacInnis, who grew up in Fenelon Falls and saw “very significant changes for the better,” says he is happy to see the fund, which he calls “very significant.”

Established to help our community grow and prosper for the next 150 years, the Kawartha Lakes Community Foundation strives to strengthen the local philanthropic network, connecting people who care, with gaps in social services buildings, public infrastructure and community economic development, guiding the creation of lasting legacy funds. The Kawartha Lakes Community Foundation administers over $1 million locally.

If you are, or someone you know is, between the ages of 17 and 29 and a resident of Kawartha Lakes, contact the Kawartha Lakes Community Foundation at 705-928-5953 for fully funded leadership training.


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