Leon County Board of Children’s Services funds programs for children


The Leon County Board of Children’s Services will begin accepting applications for summer program funding.

On Thursday, the board approved the release of funds to expand existing summer programs in Leon County. Any entity, not just nonprofits, can apply for funding.

Funds will not go to new programs. New program funding or continued support for existing programs is planned for the future, said Holly McPhail, special projects manager for the council.

“We look forward to receiving requests from sectors of our community to help fill gaps in services, summer programs and opportunities for our children, youth and families,” said Executive Director Cecka Rose. Green.

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Cecka Rose Green is the Executive Director of the Leon County Children's Services Council.

Funding for the summer will begin June 1 and end August 30.

CSC will host webinars next week to educate groups seeking funding. The advice aims to address immediate gaps in child, youth and family services, in particular school readiness, adult support, physical health, mental health, youth development, food stability , housing stability and support for caregivers.

CSC will host the webinars at 2 p.m. on Monday and 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

Applications are expected to open Saturday morning on CSC’s website, McPhail said.

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Groups will have 21 days to write a fund proposal to expand their existing services.

CSC plans to cap funding at $2 million for the summer. Since November, the council has collected about $6.5 million in revenue from property taxes.

The board aims to retain $1.45 million, at a minimum, in anticipation of funding for fall programs.

The needs assessment by QQ Research Consultants will be published in June.

Beginning in 2021, Leon County residents voted to pay an annual property tax of $37.50 per $100,000 of assessed property value to generate more than $7 million for the work of the new organization in the fight against problems such as poverty and child hunger.

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