Melanau association urged to focus on youth development


A group photo of the association members and the orphans with Abdullah (fifth from left) and Fridah (fourth from left).

KUCHING (April 11): Kuching Melanau Association has been called upon to create a platform focused on youth development.

Deputy Minister of Sarawak Prime Minister’s Department (Corporate Affairs, Information & Sarawak Public Communication Unit) Datuk Abdullah Saidol, who launched the call, recommended the association to network with educational institutions public and private higher education to develop a generation of progressive and productive young students in Melanau.

“According to the government’s program, the association could focus on young people, especially those studying in higher education institutions in Kuching, where they could have the opportunity to share ideas and aspirations,” said- he declared.

He said this while breaking the fast with the community of Wisma Melanau, Jalan Halaman Kurung Sian here last Friday.

He added that with the collaboration between the association and young people, especially those from out of town, this initiative could be a platform for sharing ideas and fulfilling the state agenda for improve the quality of life in rural areas.

“By uniting with other members of the Melanau community and working with other ethnic groups in Sarawak, we can soar and further develop our state.”

At the event, Abdullah donated RM10,000 to the association to run its business.

Kuching Melanau Association President Fridah Osman, who is also political secretary to the Prime Minister of Sarawak, expressed her gratitude for the contribution and for being able to organize the fast-breaking program after having to postpone it for two years in due to the pandemic.

The event was also honored by the presence of orphans from the Jagaan Nur Murni center, who were then awarded the ‘duit raya’.


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