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After months of planning various virtual events, CTKL Youth Ministry (Christ the King and Christ Light) has hosted its first in-person event of the year.

March 11, 2022

Fr. Peter Anthony giving his share.

By Vivien Francois
After months of planning various virtual events, CTKL Youth Ministry (Christ the King and Christ Light) has hosted its first in-person event of the year.

They floated the idea of ​​a launch event in 2022, combining a much-needed icebreaking session followed by a personal sharing session with new parish priest, Fr Peter Anthony. The main objective of this event was to lead young people to participate responsibly in the youth ministry of CTKL and to be part of the family of God and the Church. At the same time, this event also gave young people the opportunity to get closer to Father Peter and hear about his personal experiences as a young person. The CTKL launch event began after sunset mass on Saturday January 26 with registration and dinner followed by a series of interactive icebreaker events. Over 70 young people participated from which smaller groups were created and then rotated between play stations. Each game posed a challenge and required some form of teamwork in order to complete the given task within a given time.

Aside from the fun ice-breaking activities and camaraderie, the most meaningful takeaways came from Father Peter’s sharing session as he built on the experiences of his youth. He urged young people to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and walk in faith when faced with challenges, whether in relationships, studies, work or any other area of ​​their lives. He advised young people to spend more time in the presence of God by removing distractions and silencing the voices around them in order to listen to God in prayer.

Father Peter’s session was timely and served as a reminder for the young people to become more finely tuned to their desire for God, so that they can seek Him wholeheartedly as they step into time. of Lent.

The majority of attendees not only enjoyed the session, but more importantly expressed renewed motivation to participate in more church activities. Young people crave a place to belong while building a personal relationship with God. CTKL Youth Ministry aims to provide this by building awareness of God’s active presence, creating programs and events that encourage personal and spiritual growth in Jesus, and fostering a sense of belonging among young people. .

The CTKL Youth Ministry thanks Fr. Peter for his support to the organizing committee which ensured the success of this event. Their hope is that this event, and all future events, will fulfill the purpose of their ministry, which is to serve the youth of CTKL with the guidance of Father Peter as well as the Word of God.

At the same time, we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide ministry members as they begin a new journey this year, and keep them safe as they spend more time with each other in activities. in person.


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