Montgomery County develops popular sports programs for young girls


Popular youth sports programs for girls will expand in Montgomery County.

The Montgomery Co. board voted to allocate $100,000 to increase access and opportunity in sports including volleyball, soccer, softball, lacrosse and tennis.

Council member Hans Riemer told FOX 5 after conducting a study on gender equity in sports, they found there was a huge participation gap between girls and boys.

“When we realized there was such an inequity of opportunity for sports programs for girls, we thought about what we could do about it,” Riemer said.

Right now, Riemer says there aren’t many options for girls playing youth sports.

SANDY SPRING, MD – APRIL 20: Members of the Sherwood women’s lacrosse team heat up before action against Damascus on April 20, 2016 in Sandy Spring, MD. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“I found out that we don’t have youth volleyball in Montgomery County,” Riemer said. “In most places, volleyball is like one of the most popular sports for girls.”


We want to provide sports programs that girls love to play, but also that are available in communities that are not included in the current, expensive sports model that we have, where you have to pay all these fees. »

Riemer says the Montgomery County Recreation Department will receive council-approved funding.

“The department will fund a variety of different opportunities,” Riemer said. “It could be a league that is forming. It could help kick off a new league that is being created, or it could be an existing program that we are funding to expand its services.”

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An existing program – MoCo Lacrosse, founded by Jeff Wagner, introduces the sport to girls and boys in low-income areas of the county who would not normally be exposed to lacrosse.

“We’ve found over the years that it’s a little harder to keep girls interested after a certain age,” Wagner said. “The other barrier we found is that some girls, more than boys, are expected to take care of things at home. So they are not allowed to stay after school for activities.”

Wagner says that by expanding these sports opportunities for young people, it could give more children access to college.

“There are many, many more opportunities for women’s lacrosse in colleges than people would ever realize,” he explained.

On Sunday, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at the White Oak Community Recreation Center, there will be an event to promote some of the opportunities in the sports program for young girls.


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