New Hillside Community murals seek to inspire young people in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) – Two new murals come to life at El Pomar Youth Bike Park.

Through each mural, Colorado College’s Community Mobile Arts program aims to tell impactful community stories.

A story of the leaders of Colorado Springs who shaped the city’s history. CC Mobile Arts program co-director Naomi Wood believes her mission is to inspire.

“A lot of times our curriculum is so limited and sometimes we are told what to teach or our books dictate what we should teach and that only tells 5% of the story and there is so much that gets left out,” said said Wood.

On one of the bicycle storage container murals is the face of legendary baseball player, Sam Dunlap.

The artist of this mural, Armando Silva, feels himself inspired by the legend.

“So you can take a story like Sam, someone who broke a lot of barriers, but not only broke barriers, but also became a champion, not only by being the first to do something, but by doing something and being excellent at it.”

The Colorado Springs native was a player for the city’s first all-black semi-pro baseball team, the Brown Bombers.

Dunlap fought for racial equality on the diamond and in this community he represents a fighter for equality to many.

“It helps us to see that we have a very diverse community, sometimes it’s still segregated in a way that we’ve always been fighting since discovering the city itself when we were encouraged not to talk to each other. is therefore one of the goals of the program,” added Wood.

And the other mural is a representation inspired by today’s youth.

“On this side, we wanted to represent something for young people, our aspects of what we think about giving and reaching out,” said community mural artist Kai Gaynor.

The children participating in this project hope to complete the project by Saturday.

The CC Mobile Arts program will host another community event on Saturday at El Pomar Youth Bike Park, an event dedicated to murdered and missing Indigenous women. To learn more about the event, click here.


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