New scheme to help youngsters earn up to Rs 1 Lakh by creating online content


Uable, a social app for teens, on Wednesday announced the launch of India’s first-ever Gen Z Creator Economy program called Uable Future Creators (UFC). It is billed as the first initiative of its kind to mainstream, to empower Gen Z creators in categories including science, entertainment, education, storytelling, art and design, music, games and comic book creations.

Through this app, young creators can be tracked and earn up to Rs 1 lakh under the scheme. The UFC has already onboarded more than 100 creators to its program and aims to target 1,000 more over the next 12 months, according to the company’s press release.

“UFC is a community-based program and will allow young creators to learn through ongoing collaborations with peers on how to better engage users through memes, short-form audio and visual content. UFC creators will receive also detailed analytics and real-time feedback from the Uable team in the form of the number of subscribers gained from each post, the number of views the video received versus the number of times it was played , average watch time among many more,” the statement added.

Additionally, Uable will prioritize content created by creators who are part of the UFC and promote it heavily on the platform for the first few weeks.

Saurabh Saxena, Founder and CEO, said, “The creator economy is booming in India, with top creators achieving celebrity status, cult following and millions in revenue. Gone are the days when being a creator was a side project or just a form of self-expression for teenagers. Many of them see it as a full-time career today and work hard to stand out from the crowd.”

He added, “With our ‘Uable Future Creators Program (UFC)’, we aim to identify these top creators and provide them with a way to hone their skills, learn from their peers/role models and understand how they can showcase and monetize their talent. better. We are confident that this will help usher in a new breed of young creators who will dominate the entire ecosystem for the next few years.

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