PAF participates in the African Union Youth Summit 2022


The Pan African Foundation (PAF) participates in the African Union Youth Summit 2022

Sat 05 Nov 2022 | 2:31 p.m.

The Department of Youth and Gender of the African Union Commission has officially invited the African Development and Capacity Building Foundation to participate in the African Youth Forum.

It will be held from November 1-3 at the African Union Commission in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

This event will take place in the presence of Chido Mbemba the Youth Envoy of the African Union Commission, Karen Ondoasi, Chairperson of the African Union Women’s Committee, Prudence Ngwenya, Head of the Million by 2021 initiative, and Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa, Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission on Human Rights and Dr. Ahmed Oguil, Director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control. This event will be on the occasion of the “African Youth Month” which is celebrated every year in November. This is part of strengthening the participation and activating the role of African youth in building “the Africa we want”.

In a related context, the African Foundation appreciates the correct choice of this year’s theme, which is entitled “Breaking down barriers to the active participation of young people and their integration in support”, based on what the Charter African youth refers to article no. ten.

The article stipulates that States Parties shall encourage youth organizations to carry out youth programs and to ensure the exercise of their right to development. This will be in addition to providing information, education and training so that young people know their rights and responsibilities within democratic educational processes.

Furthermore, it aims to ensure their right to citizenship, decision-making, governance and leadership so that they develop technical skills and confidence to participate in these processes.

The African Foundation also emphasizes its concern to activate the provisions of the charter in all the programs it launches, including the Afromedia initiative and the model of the African Union.

It should be noted that the African Foundation for Development and Capacity Building seeks to achieve rapprochement and strengthen the ties of friendship between peoples, proclaiming the slogan “Egypt is my village… Africa is my city”.

In addition, it aims to promote progress in the implementation of the Egyptian State’s vision to achieve African integration through Egypt’s Vision 2030, in addition to mobilizing support for Agenda 2063 of Africa and to build a mental image and a real awareness of African countries.

Finally, it encourages the role of youth diplomacy with Africans by coordinating exchanges of delegations and visits between different countries.


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