Perak Sultan urges heads of state to pay attention to youth voices, reduce food waste and plastic addiction | Malaysia


Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah of Perak arrives for the first session of the fourth year of the 14th State Legislative Assembly at the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building in Ipoh on August 25, 2021. – Photo via Twitter / Bernama

IPOH, March 28 – The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah has told the state leaders to give proper attention to objective issues and constructive ideas, as they were raised during the session of the State Youth Assembly.

Sultan Nazrin said active youth participation will revitalize jaded policies and refresh decrepit structures.

“Young people are an important national asset. Twenty-eight percent of Malaysia’s population are young people, 7.8 million of whom will be eligible voters in the 15th general election.

“They must be encouraged, guided, educated and given the confidence to take on greater responsibility for building a closely united and united, progressive and prosperous nation-state,” he said in his speech at the meeting. opening of Perak. State Assembly.

The Perak leader also said that the approach taken by the state to include young people by giving them a platform to discuss ideas and express their thoughts was wise and constructive.

He also said that the innovative measures taken by the Islamic Religious Council of Perak and Malay Customs to directly involve young people to participate in the Council, at different levels in the committees of Baitulmal and the mosque, should be extended to various committees of state and local authorities, into statutory bodies, institutions and foundations.

Sultan Nazrin also urged the state government to take meaningful steps to end food waste.

“State departments should be role models, starting with the amount of food ordered for events and functions, and at gatherings and meetings.

“Every household, school, institution of higher education, place of worship, food operator, restaurant and hotel should refrain from excessively providing food that can only end up in the trash,” he said. .

He said 17,000 tons of leftovers, which can feed three million citizens, are thrown away daily in this country.

He added that 4,080 tonnes of this food is edible food that was wasted.

“These numbers increase by 10% during Ramadan. The figures reflect the seriousness of food waste that occurs today. Man must be educated to value food and adopt a zero-waste culture,” he said.

Speaking of pollution, Sultan Nazrin said Malaysians are sorely lacking in awareness, indifferent to the risks of plastic pollution which can poison food and the environment.

“Malaysia is the second largest country in Asia for the use of plastic, with 69.54 kg per capita. On average, Malaysians use 300 plastic bags per year and discharge more than 30,000 tons of plastic into the sea each year. .

“This has earned Malaysia a spot on the global list of ocean plastic polluters. Plastic debris that ends up in water or on land takes up to 400 years to decompose,” he said.

He said places of worship, schools, non-governmental organizations and young people should help educate the public to abstain from or reduce the use of plastic and to avoid littering plastic waste in plans. surrounding water or allow them to decompose in the ground.

He pointed out that the recent natural disasters that have occurred with increasing frequency should be seen as a divine censure of mankind’s misbehavior, turning nature against mankind.

“The obsession with infrastructure development and the obsession with corporate profits cannot justify our greed to destroy the environment. Technological progress alone cannot curb the disasters resulting from the devastation of the environment between human hands.


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