Politics, economics and leisure activities score low in Sarawak youth study


A view of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly complex. – Photo by Roystein Emmor

KUCHING (May 25): Three areas of the Sarawak Youth Index study are below the satisfactory score and need more attention, Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said.

The Minister of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship Development (MYSED) said the score for the economic domain is 56.34, followed by the leisure domain at 57.00 and the political socialization domain at 57.58.

“The implementation of the programs designed by the ministry is based on the findings of the study conducted by the Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) in 2019.

“With these results, the quality and well-being of Sarawak’s youth under the Sarawak Youth Index Study is 70.62 (average) with the social relations domain with a score of 79. .99 (Satisfactory), followed by the No Deviant Behavior Domain at 77.87 (Satisfactory) and the Health Domain at 75.13 (Satisfactory),” he said in his ministerial closing address to the Assembly. State Legislature (DUN) sitting today.

Based on the above findings, Abdul Karim said his ministry has come up with various programs such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Youth Empowerment Courses, Sarawak Youth Debate, Sarawak X -Tive, mass sports participation and talent identification programs.

He said the ministry is reaching out to people in rural areas by offering MYSED Go Rural.

“The contents of MYSED Go Rural program are Projek Komuniti Prihatin, Fit Community, Aram Sesais, Juh Bejual, Kopi Talk and many more. So far, 250 participants including Gedong, Sebauh and Sarikei have benefited from these programs .

“Continuing programs will be conducted in Long Singut, Kapit in July and other divisions such as Betong, Samarahan and Miri,” he added.

Regarding the development of young entrepreneurs, Abdul Karim said that several programs have been implemented, such as the Young Entrepreneur Setup Program (YES), Young Entrepreneur Setup and Funding, JUMS Start Biznes, Roombark Bundle and Jom Jadi Tauke.

“YES started in the North Zone of Miri Division on March 19. A total of 365 young people participated in the program as early contact with young people in the field of entrepreneurship by sharing entrepreneurial and business information from agencies competent governments.

“The program began with an icebreaker session from the ministry on the function and role of entrepreneurship. The culmination of the event is the public session with the Minister to identify the issues, challenges, initiatives and aspirations of young people in the region. For this year, the program will continue to be implemented in Sibu and Kuching, and other divisions in the future,” he said.

Regarding YES and financing, Abdul Karim said that it was organized in collaboration with Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia (Bank Rakyat) with the aim of sharing information on micro-finance assistance offered specifically to young people. micro and informal entrepreneurs.

“A total of 200 attendees attended the successful program on April 22 at Kuching Civic Center,” he said.

“Other programs to be implemented in the future are Bina Jaringan Rangkaian Industri Program, Young Entrepreneur Challenge, Young Entrepreneur Carnival or Conference, Business Management and Development Course, E-Commerce and digital marketing, car boot sales and the flea market, which are aimed at encouraging young people to make business a career.

“The establishment of the MYSED one-stop youth center in each civic center also provides a platform for information on business and entrepreneurship in the specific sectors of the digital economy,” he said.


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