Preparations underway for burial of Elvis Nyathi as ANC Youth League member urges Zimbabweans to leave Diepsloot


Preparations are underway for the burial of Elvis Nyathi, who was killed by a vigilante group in the South African township of Diepsloot a few days ago.

Mphathisi Ndlovu, a relative of the late domestic worker, said Zimbabwean authorities in South Africa had put them in touch with a funeral organization, which will hold a free funeral service.

Ndlovu said a representative from the Zimbabwean consulate in the country visited the family accompanied by Zororo Phumulani Funeral Services.

He said: “Zororo Phumulani has offered to cover all funeral expenses. So we made a deal with them yesterday, we met at their office in Randburg. We have started the first stage, which means that we will continue tomorrow. They said if they could get their hands on the body, they’d give us three days (to finalize everything). Maybe on Thursday we’ll take the body by road to Zimbabwe. We are asking for even more help from individuals and businesses.

“It seems to have affected a lot of people in all parts of the world, here in South Africa, in Zimbabwe, in neighboring countries, in Africa and on other continents. People are so touched that they agree to accompany the body during its repatriation to Zimbabwe. So (it can happen) if we get buses to transport people. A lot of people don’t work. Maybe if we can get a bus or buses, a lot of people will be willing to go see their brother rest.

Some South Africans say Zimbabweans are causing havoc in Diepsloot and other townships across the country.

Thabang Molefe, a prominent member of the African National Congress Youth League, said Zimbabweans were giving them a hard time so they should leave the township.

Molefe said: “Zimbabweans are killing us. Zimbabweans are entering (breaking into) our homes. I reside here. I know what I mean. On Wednesday, the Pakistanis were locked in their spazas. Pakistanis don’t wander around Diepsloot. Zimbabweans roam as they please. We want Zimbabweans to leave. They have to go. I represent the young people of this community. These are the same young people who come to tell us “why do you allow Zimbabweans to harass us”. Why are you letting these Zimbabweans kill us? They have to go.

Nyathi’s killers have yet to be arrested

Some Zimbabweans told VOA Studio 7 they were targeted because they were foreigners as most of them are not criminals.

Many organizations and political parties in Zimbabwe and South Africa have condemned Nyathi’s murder. They demand that the perpetrators be arrested.

Thuso Khumalo and Gibbs Dube contributed to this article


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