Raheem Sterling Foundation Becomes Patron and Donor of HideOut Youth Zone in Gorton



The Gorton Youth Center provides a safe space where young people can stay active and be inspired.

The charity of England international and former Manchester City star Raheem Sterling has recently become a patron and donor of the HideOut Youth Zone in Gorton.

Yet another reminder that Raz is an absolutely awesome boy.

The Raheem Sterling Foundation has been officially announced as a partner of HideOUT YZ in the East Manchester district on Monday October 24, with the footballer’s organization echoing the vital GortonThe values ​​of the site: “to work diligently to bring inspiring change to young people who need it most.”

The aim of the youth charity and community center is to provide young people with a safe space to participate in sports and other activities; make new friends, get inspired or just relax.

While sports play a big role in HideOut YZ’s youth community – hence SterlingLink’s to the initiative – its central aim revolves around ‘keeping children and young adults off the streets’ and reminding them of the importance of learning a skill.

HideOut caters to people aged 8-19 and up to 25 for those with additional needs, introducing individuals to over 20 different creative and sporting activities each evening for just 50p – a vital local resource, especially when schools are closed.

Beyond simply keeping young people busy and entertained, the center also provides employability and business support, helping ManchesterYoung people develop their entrepreneurial skills, find apprenticeships and pursue valuable qualifications, both academically and professionally.

For example, to celebrate the partnership, the Sterling Foundation partnered with talkSPORT to launch a “Broadcast Academy”, which will help provide skills and knowledge to those looking to get into broadcast media after leaving school.

You like to see it.

Chairman of the Foundation Trustees, Clive Ellington said in a press release“We are proud to be announced as patron of the HideOut Youth Zone.

“His vision and values ​​of supporting young people align with those of the Foundation, and we look forward to working closely with them to help educate, inspire and empower young people in Manchester.”

Located next to Gorton Park, the property opened in 2020 and is part of the national charity OnSide Network, originally founded in 2008. Since then, 14 youth zones have been created across the UK.

Gorton’s state-of-the-art HideOUT YZ is the newest to open and cost £6.6million to build, meaning a massive investment in the Greater Manchester Region.

Although he left 0161 for a return to London life, it’s clear that Sterling still has a deep affection for Manchester and has put down roots here for seven years – not to mention an understanding of the importance of to have outlets like these at a young age – he’s always going to be an honorary Manc in our eyes.

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If you or a young member of your family are looking for a place to keep busy, stay active, learn or just stay out of trouble, the HideOut Youth Zone in Gorton is a haven of peace entirely run by great people.

The youth center is open for seniors (13-19) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, while the junior club (8-12) operates on Tuesday and Thursday. There is also the Sunday Club for both age groups.

You can find the full list of opening hours and information for those with additional needs HERE.

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Featured image — HideOut Youth Zone/Raheem Sterling Foundation (via Twitter)


Netflix teases explosive FIFA reveal documentary ahead of Qatar 2022 World Cup

Danny Jones
Danny Jones

FIFA documentary Netflix FIFA discovered

A new Netflix documentary looks set to uncover the dark secrets and generations of corruption at FIFA ahead of the controversial Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Explosive football briefing trailer released on Tuesday, October 25, netflixLatest sports doc promises to reveal never-before-heard interviews with top officials, new details about disgraced president Sepp Blatter, decades of filth Politics And much more.

FIFA exposed is the story of how the greatest sporting body in the world gradually ugled the beautiful game.

The importance of FIFA exposed release date just 11 days before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup will not be lost on football fans, nor on the general public.

Among the years of scandal, corruption and general controversy surrounding the world Soccer organization, the Gulf nation hosting the tournament despite its human rights record is seen as one of the most egregious decisions ever made.

Senior and respected football personalities like Eric Cantona have spoken out against those who support the tournament and the Qatari state, calling this year’s competition ‘awful’ and ‘not a real World Cup’

Elsewhere, teams like Norway (who failed to qualify) and Group D competitors Denmark has made it clear that it will protest the competition regardless of their participation.

As for the Three Lions’ part in all of this, despite calls from all corners to boycott the World Cup entirely, the The British government blocked the opposition and, even more stunning, urged LGBTQ+ fans to “be respectful” if they chose to travel.

It should be recalled at this point that, as is common throughout the Middle East, same-sex relations are illegal in Qatar and, in some cases, punishable by death.

Beyond those who defend mistreated migrant workers in stadium construction, the LGBTQ+ community is one of the biggest trying to bring attention to Qatar Abuse of human rights.

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FIFA exposed drops on Netflix worldwide on Wednesday, November 9.

If you want to better understand the context behind the many protests and public demonstrations that will inevitably take place this year world Cupthis informative and undoubtedly gripping documentary on FIFA is not to be missed.

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Referee Bobby Madley set to return to Premier League four years after being sacked for mocking disabled person

Danny Jones
Danny Jones

Bobby Madley returns to the Premier League

Former top-flight referee Bobby Madley is set to return to the Premier League four years after being sacked for making fun of a disabled person.

Brother of current referee Andy, the young Madley officiated 10 Championship matches already this season but has not supervised a premier league match referee since 2018, following an off-field controversy that cost him his job in the English Premier League.

He will now referee Brentford vs Wolves on Saturday after gradually recovering his career.

As Madley explained in an article titled ‘Time to Move On…’ on his blog The word of the referee In December 2019, he was removed from his post after making a “black humor joke” against a person with a motor disability via social media the previous year.

The 37-year-old from Wakefield was attending his daughter’s sports day shortly after a Sun headline from former umpire Mark Halsey cruelly nicknamed him ‘Blobby Bobby’, leading him to prank of self-mockery, though admittedly inappropriate.

Madley then recorded a short video of the disabled person on Snapchat, joking, “F**k me, I have a chance to win the parents race this year.”

The controversial caption was superimposed over a six-second clip and despite intending to save it for private use, ultimately decided to send it to someone he ‘trusted’ and shared a close relationship for more than 10 years.

After an argument with the same person, the video was later sent “anonymously” to his manager and following a disciplinary meeting with the Professional Game Match Official Limited (PGMOL), he was sacked and later moved to Norway, where he continued to referee matches.

madley refereed 91 Premier League matches between 2013-2018 and hundreds more across the football pyramid, dozens of which have taken place across Greater Manchester since the beginning of his career at the age of 16.

He made his return to English football in 2020winning a number of Ligue 1 and 2 games as he tried to restore his reputation.

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Madley has always maintained that the PGMOL handled the incident in “the strongest way” and respects their decision, insisting he never intended to make fun of the disabilityespecially since his own father was disabled.

He concluded his 2019 statement by saying, “Please don’t think badly of me. I am a human being who made a mistake, a mistake that many people have made themselves and for which they haven’t lost everything. Again, I have to pick up these pieces.

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