SBS language | Activities for young people during the holidays with STARTTS NSW


STARTTS NSW offers free programs to all residents of NSW.

We chat with Lina Ishu, team leader of the youth program at STARTTS in Carramar, who presents us with fun activities to keep young people busy during the holidays and without putting families in financial difficulty.

We also learn about upcoming programs available for young people, such as free swimming lessons, free camping for young women, hiking programs and other weekly activities that young people can participate in through STARTTS and with their city council. local.

Lina Ishu says it’s important to keep young people busy and active with healthy activities, such as biking, hiking and social activities, to prevent them from dwelling on difficulties, becoming stressed and being overwhelmed. involved in other unproductive and unhealthy habits that can harm them. and their safety.

Find out about free programs available to young people.

To find out more about the free programs and to register for any activity with STARTTS, contact the youth team on 02 9646 6700.

Visit your local city council’s website to find out what free youth activities are available for all ages and offered by various government and non-government agencies.

Listen to Lina’s full interview, Part 1 aired on December 25, 2021.


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