SDP presidential aspirant to chair Youth Empowerment Forum


A non-governmental organization, Eneconomics Global Solutions, has announced an upcoming consultative forum for young professionals, influencers and policy makers to brainstorm, develop and share indigenous ideas for a strong and economically empowered Africa.

Powered by the Helpline Foundation for the Needy, the forum which will be chaired by Social Democratic Party (SDP) presidential aspirant Prince Adewole Adebayo, Esq. .”

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Monday, co-host Esther Ladi Alabi stressed the need for countries to localize economic theories that reflect their specific needs and dynamics.

Alabi said, “For sustainable development, developing countries need leadership and infrastructure, but the truth is that each country must develop on its own, reflecting its specific needs and dynamics.”

The group noted that “development is not a product that we buy and give to society, which implies that whenever development is outsourced ignoring indigenous capacity, the opportunity of the learning process and accumulation of capital is denied to such a nation”.

Alabi added, “It is because when countries build their development, they gain experience and build retained capital for sustainability.

“Most developing countries experience development at some point but lack sustainability, which necessitated the need today to focus on the appropriate use of internal capacity for sustainable development in the global development agenda .”

She said the launch ceremony of the forum was designed to be part of the largest global community of young people towards achieving sustainable development.


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