Start mobilizing now, Saraki tells PDP youth leaders


Former Senate Speaker Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki challenged the young national, zonal and state leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and all young party actors to begin the process of mobilizing their peers through the country to select leaders who will respond to the aspirations of young people.

While delivering his remarks at Wadata Plaza, the PDP headquarters in Abuja, the venue for a Young Leaders Summit hosted by the PDP National Youth Leader, Prince Mohammed Kadede Sulaiman, Saraki reiterated the need for more young leaders to have seats at the table in the next government.

“We have never had a national youth leader who symbolizes such youth in our party – or any other party in the country. We have never had a moment in our history when it is clear that it is our party, the PDP, which is really the party of young people.

“That is why I ask you all to be excited about the journey ahead. Indeed, by God’s grace, PDP will be leading the nation’s affairs in 2023. However, it is clear that we will not we can’t win without the strength, the network and the influence of the young people in this room.

“I had the opportunity to meet with members of the National Working Committee – and we are all on the same page that a PDP federal government must be a functionally functioning government. Therefore, the only way to be functional is to ensure that young people and women are fully integrated from the outset in all our strategies.

“We have shown that we are not just a talking party. We are a party that gets the job done. I firmly believe that any government that comes along has to be a government that has the energy to get the job done, and only young people have the energy that we need,” the former Senate Speaker said.

Saraki reminded the young leaders that as things stand, there are currently over 18 million young Nigerians who are not yet registered to vote.
“We need you all to go out there and give these young people a reason to register to vote. You need to start mobilizing at the neighborhood, state and zone levels.

“And of course it goes without saying that at this time young people not only have to go out to vote, they also have to go out and compete for elective positions. With the new electoral law, it is clear that we will have elections more free and fairer – and only young people can and will win,” said Saraki.

The former Governor of Kwara State, who was also the Chairman of the PDP’s National Reconciliation and Strategy Committee (NRSC), also explained how the NRSC had recommended waivers in the payment of nomination fees for aspirants. under 35 who were looking for an elective position. .


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