Tamara Walcott will be the main youth speaker at St. Croix Central High School

Students at St. Croix Central High School listen to speakers. (file photo)

Tamara Walcott, world record holder weightlifter, mompreneur and speaker, will team up with Frederiksted Health Care (FHC) to help youth in the community. The Social and Community Programs Division of Frederiksted Health Care Inc. is honored to welcome local St. Croix superstar Tamara “Plus Size Fitness Queen” Walcott for a live in-person presentation. Walcott, who was born and raised on the island of St. Croix, has agreed to make an appearance and give a motivational speech to students at St. Croix Central High School.

The event will take place at St. Croix Central High School from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, October 6. There will be refreshments for the students.

“I’m humbled, excited, and honored,” Walcott said of her partnership with Central High. “My hope is to broaden their horizons so they know it’s okay to believe in possibilities that are beyond their reach. I walked through those same hallways and sat in those same seats. I wish someone had given me the same opportunity.

The consummate altruist that she is, Walcott, an alumnus of St. Croix Central High School, was aware of the recent problems the school had faced regarding student behavior issues; thus, she decided to take advantage of her platform and provide support.

Due to its presence in the city, Frederiksted Health Care decided to provide support and developed an exclusive school event with Walcott.

Why Frederiksted Health Care Inc.? What does this have to do with health care? There is only one answer: why not? Providing primary health care services to the community is the primary goal of Frederiksted Health Care Inc. The mission of the Community and Social Programs Division is to “break down barriers, build bridges and change lives”. As a community organization, FHC felt two things after the recent incident at Central High School:

  1. a moral responsibility to engage and provide ideas for workable solutions for teachers, parents and community members
  2. the opportunity to meet the very inspirational Tamara Walcott and use her experience on the rise to encourage students to make better choices

To join and support the Social and Community Programs Division of Frederiksted Health Care Inc., contact Director Aisha-Jamila Mussington at [email protected] or 772-0260 ext. 3242. Visit https://www.scc.k12.wi.us/o/high-school for more information or to speak with Tamara Walcott,

contact [email protected]

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