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Youth empowerment programs aim to create a better quality of life for disadvantaged or at-risk youth. Some of the skills of a healthy young person are a positive sense of self, self-control, decision-making skills, a moral belief system, and prosocial connections.

In Yobe State, it is imperative that the government focus on youth and women’s issues thereby providing more grassroots opportunities that will lift thousands of youths and women out of poverty.

As we are now in the digital world, Yobe State Government will find it easier to generate empowerment opportunities for young people to learn a lot and explore wildly. Likewise, women can be duly empowered with simple programs that will help them overcome their difficulties. obstacles inside or outside their home.

The problem of living in a society with no options is tragically horrifying as we can see how some of the young people sacrifice their whole lives to earn a living by getting a negative way and how our women struggle to solve their problems and that of their family.

The need to empower youth and women could change the lives of thousands of people who struggle with armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, drug addiction and other illegal acts, turning them into a great commodity of the state and the maintenance of the law and others.

It will also change women with the idea of ​​sending their children into peddling and optimizing their financial capabilities.

If the government of Yobe takes into account the goal of empowering youth and women, I am sure that a lot of progress will be seen in a short time.

if the youths are well empowered, the socio-economic standard of living in Yobe State will be very good as productivity encourages economic growth.

Therefore, the importance of youth and women empowerment will bring a lot of improvements in Yobe State such as poverty eradication for disadvantaged youths and women, can help in reducing the rate of poverty at a significant level and can also reduce the high rate of divorcees, because if women are empowered, everything will be completely changed.

Also, good education standards empowerment can help youths and women to understand the importance of education which leads to the social betterment of the country if the youths are well educated, they will never think negatively to ensure proper empowerment, it is of paramount importance for Yobe State to take education sector as a big concern.

Crime Reduction Youth empowerment ensures young people have the skills to support themselves, preventing them from becoming involved in crime.

The crime rate in societies varies from others. One of the reasons for this is that young people are not empowered. But if young people are empowered by training to learn what will enable them to live comfortably, the crime rate will be lower.

Therefore, the importance of youth and women’s programs in every human society cannot be overemphasized, even though the program has had a tremendous impact on the many youth and underprivileged women.

However, Yobe State is no exception. The Mai Mala administration must create empowerment programs like other states have done as this will surely reduce the high number of unemployed youths in the state.

You can find thousands of graduates in Yobe state from different tertiary institutions but they lack entrepreneurial skills which is very wrong.

There is the popular saying “an idle man is the devil’s workshop”; so if we are not careful, these young unemployed people risk becoming drug addicts, political thugs, kidnappers, among other vices.

I therefore draw the attention of the Yobe State Government to establish these programs so that disadvantaged youths and women in the state can learn entrepreneurial skills and become self-sufficient.

Maryam Buba Gabaju, Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri.


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