The Rapha Foundation continues to support and empower the next generation of cyclists


The Rapha Foundation’s goal is to build a better future for the sport of cycling by inspiring, empowering and supporting the next generation of riders. Entering its fourth year and supporting dozens of world-class cycling organizations to date, the Foundation continues to support Rapha’s mission to make cycling the most popular sport in the world.

In February, the National Cycling Institute at Milton will join a global network of award-winning grantees to support community programs aimed at developing the next generation of promising athletes. The Canadian-based cycling organization is set to benefit from the sixth round of funding, receiving $150,000 in support of its goal is to encourage, inspire and support underrepresented youth to thrive in the sport of cycling . NCIM Executive Director Chris Reid said: “The Rapha Foundation grant will allow us to build on the work we have done over the first five years of NCIM — to deepen and broaden our reach in the local community. . The velodrome can be a catalyst to develop the sport in this country and the support of the Rapha Foundation goes a long way towards achieving this.”

Funding to the National Cycling Institute in Milton will enable NCIM to support and encourage the individual performance of U23s, women and other underrepresented groups who face barriers to engaging in sport .

The Rapha Foundation was made possible by Rapha shareholders Steuart Walton and Tom Walton and Rapha founder Simon Mottram. Simon Mottram said: “Cycling has transformed my life and I believe cycling can make the world a better place for all of us. This passion for sport has driven us to Rapha from day one and our mission is to achieve million more people to make cycling a part of their lives. The Rapha Foundation is a powerful vehicle to help make this a reality, increasing the practice of cycling and creating bridges to sport for people who often been excluded. I am very excited and proud that the Rapha Foundation is investing millions of pounds to build a better future for cycling around the world.”


The National Cycling Institute of Milton (NCIM) is a non-profit organization formed to advance cycling in Milton and across Canada. In partnership with the Town of Milton and Cycling Canada’s Hop-On program, NCIM offers a full range of indoor track cycling opportunities to serve riders of all abilities. NCIM runs programming that ranges from track trials to advanced training for athletes. They also organize high performance programs for young people as well as children’s outreach activities through school trips and summer camps.

Matthew Jeffries, CEO of Cycle Canada, said, “We believe that all children, regardless of background or ability, who participate in organized sport can reap complementary benefits in their physical and mental development, both on the bike and off. travel and we want to help more young Canadians get on that path. »

Funding from the Rapha Foundation will help NCIM raise awareness of cycling as a lifelong activity. This will be accomplished by expanding NCIM’s community programming beyond Milton and Southwestern Ontario building on their current three-pronged approach to “Try the Track” programs for schools, camp summer and sports groups. The organization will support and encourage the individual performance of U23s, women and other under-represented groups.

About the Rapha Foundation

The Rapha Foundation was established in 2019 by Rapha Founder and CEO Simon Mottram and shareholders Tom Walton and Steuart Walton to provide direct funding to organizations that bring cycling to underserved areas.

populations. As part of this effort, the Rapha Foundation strives to take aspiring runners on a journey
from their local park to the podiums at the top of the sport globally. For more information on how to apply, please visit

The Rapha Foundation is administered as a donor-advised fund within an independent US-based charity. All grants are subject to United States charitable giving rules and regulations (which apply to both national and international organizations).

About Rapha

Rapha was established in 2004 out of a need for stylish, high performance cycling clothing. It now provides products for every cyclist and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in cycling apparel. At the same time, Rapha has cultivated a global community of passionate cyclists who come together as members of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC), the largest such club in the world. Rapha’s retail model and unique brand values ​​come to life in its many rides and events and in its global network of Clubhouses that combine retail, cafes and cycling culture under one roof.


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