Ubuntu Youth Council reconnects youth through basketball event


“With technology and social media filling the lives of young people, this project aims to get young people off their electronic devices and give them access to education, coaching and skill building without the financial barrier. playing sports, such as basketball,” the council said. in one release.

The group say they expect the youngsters involved to explore their skills inside the pitch and use their skills on the pitch in the outside world with an element of fun.

“Through teamwork and communication, the youth involved will learn to lead by being friend and family in the diverse communities of central Alberta,” the board said.

The goal of Hoops Unite, they say, is to create a community where young people have the confidence to be authentic themselves and be bold to stand out in society.

In turn, they believe this will result in building relationships between the young participants despite any differences they may have.

On August 12 at Festival Hall (4214 58 St), the progress made by young people will be showcased with a tournament linked to the celebration of International Youth Day, a recurring annual event organized by the Youth Council.

Youth participants aged 14-25 are free to sign up in the Ubuntu Youth Council Instagram page bio @ubuntu.yc and by emailing [email protected]

Further announcements regarding Hoops Unite will be made on the Ubuntu Youth Council’s Instagram.

The Ubuntu Youth Council’s mission is to empower young people in central Alberta, especially those who are part of the BIPOC community, by creating an inclusive environment. Last year, the council held a food drive, barbecue and basketball tournament for International Youth Day. They have also created a project called Spoken Diaries involving BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ+ and people with special needs, to discuss ways to dismantle what they say are oppressive systems.

The council is part of Ubuntu-Mobilizing Central Alberta, a community organization that works to mobilize community members, partners and leaders on equity, diversity and inclusion.


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