Unemployed pension an insult to youth, plot to weaken it, says CR Paatil


Without naming the Aam Aadmi party, Gujarat BJP Chairman CR Paatil said on Wednesday that some people had “conspired” to weaken Gujarat’s youth by offering them a “pension” which is usually given to “over 60s whose the bodies are crippled to work”.

Speaking at a rally ahead of the filing of nominations for the BJP candidates of Dholka and Dhanduka, Paatil said the Congress had “lost the ability to think” and was reduced to a party of “saasu, jamai, dikro , dikri” referring to the Gandhis.

The AAP and Congress have announced an unemployment allowance of Rs 3,000 per month, in the event of a vote in power.

“Some people come to offer revdis to the young people of Gujarat. They want to give them a pension of Rs 3000… who deserves a pension? Those who are sixty years old and their bodies are so crippled that they cannot work. This is an insult to the youth of Gujarat. Imagine that if he receives a pension of Rs 3,000, he organizes his life around this money. He is not working, he has talent but he is trying to get ahead… it is an attempt to weaken the youth of Gujarat – a conspiracy,” Paatil said.

“The revdibaaz says the total value of its pledges is Rs 8.5 lakh crore, Gujarat’s annual budget is Rs 2.5 lakh crore. He looks like a bigger jadugar than Mohammad Chhel, he can pull a spade out of a bag…we don’t need such magicians,” added Paatil, who was flanked by the Minister of State Communications Union Devusinh Chauhan and former minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama who fell from the Dholka seat.

The BJP appointed Kalubhai Dabhi, who belongs to the Koli community, from Dhanduka headquarters and Kiritsinh Dabhi, a Karadiya Rajput from Dholka headquarters.

Referring to the candidates as the “Dabhi bandhu (Dabhi brothers),” Paatil urged party workers to not only break his own victory record, but also win by record margins, securing a 50,000-vote lead over “ each seat.

Paatil said the Congress, which was once a national party, has now confined itself to a single state, that of Rajasthan, where his government is on shaky ground.

“As for the Congress, it has lost its power of reflection and does not leave the state of mind of the dynasty. Apart from the BJP, there is no party that thinks of the country. Formerly the national party, the Congress only has a government in Rajasthan and that too is faltering. When he leaves it will be because of his own sins and what will remain is the sasu (mother-in-law), jamai, (son-in-law) dikro (son), dikri (daughter) – the family of four that became the Congress” , Paatil said.

Further accusing other parties of dynasty politics, he added, “The Shiv Sena in Maharashtra is a father-daughter party, the NCP is a father-daughter party. Bengal has a nephew and a didi, BSP has Mayawati and a nephew and SP has Akhilesh-kaka-bhatrija. In the South, all the parties are dynastic”.

He said industries were investing and moving to Gujarat because there was no ‘unionbaazi (active unions)’ and no ‘goodagardi (hooliganism)’.


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