Unemployment proving fatal for Haryana’s youth: Hooda


Former Haryana Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly, Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Friday that record unemployment is now proving fatal for the state’s youth.
He said that Pawan, a resident of Talu of Bhiwani, had given his life because of unemployment. “He had been waiting for the army recruitment for a long time, but the government did not suppress the recruitment. Eventually, Pawan took the extreme decision to take his own life,” the congress leader said.
Hooda said that the youths of Haryana today are facing the highest rate of unemployment in the country and that is the reason why the frustration among the youths of Haryana is at the highest.
“The results are in front of everyone today. Due to unemployment, young people are caught in the grip of crime and drugs. Some young people take action like Pawan, out of desperation. I call on the young people of the state to keep their spirits up, and suicide is not the solution to any problem,” he added.
The opposition leader criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party-Jannayak Janta Party (BJP-JJP) government for unemployment as well as recruitment scams.
Referring to the recruitment of Haryana Personnel Selection Commission (HSSC) clerks in the past, he said what was feared had happened.
“The court canceled the recruitment. Innocent youth had to bear the brunt of government activities,” he said.
Hooda said that to save the scammers, the government does not take action against the recruitment in which fraudulent money was recovered from the HPSC office.
“It is clear that the government is acting as a security shield for the recruitment mafia. They have worked hard to rescue perpetrators from paper leaks, job and interview scams,” he added.
The former CM described the Skill Employment Corporation set up by the government as a den of exploitation for young talent. He said the contract system he curbed during Congress’ tenure was being continued by the current administration.
“The government itself has established itself as an entrepreneur. Wads of notes are exchanged when recruiting for the Skill Employment Corporation. Thousands of rupees are also charged to youths for low-wage temporary recruitment,” he alleged.
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