Why Thuggery Won’t Work in the 2023 General Election – Enugu Youth Leader – The Whistler Newspaper


A majority of young people allegedly hired as thugs by corrupt politicians have joined the Labor Party in their quest to end the politically orchestrated suffering in Nigeria.

A youth leader from Enugu State Comrade Igwebuike Ugwu said in an interview with THE WHISTLER in Enugu.

According to him, it would be difficult and risky to rig the general elections of 2023 because “the young people have formed thugs for the defense of true democracy”.

He said, “I am from Nkanu but based in Nsukka. Everyone should be careful. Anyone who is not a member of the Labor Party wants to suffer for the next eight years. Wherever we belong or reside, our best option is to belong to the Labor Party. We cannot go back to the dark years. It is now forever ahead.

“I advise our young people to avoid thugs, so that we can use our votes wisely. Anyone who hires someone for an act of violence wants to kill that person because the men who until then would have been used for such an act are all in the Labor Party with the good heart to restore the pride of Nigeria through credible elections.

“The thugs the politicians might hire are starving, and the Labor faithful are waiting for them on the ground. Even security guards are urged not to break the laws they came to protect. We want everything to be orderly. We are not afraid of thugs. What we want is a transparent vote and the announcement of the electoral results in the polling stations. We are all thugs inside, protecting the integrity of Nigeria.

He said money “cannot buy their belief that Nigeria must improve”, adding that “even Peter Obi does not know how much we are spending to secure his election because we are not giving shishi. It is a movement based on conviction.

Regarding the LP’s chances in the Enugu guber race, Comrade Ugwu said, “Our candidate, Honorable Chijioke Edeoga, represents what Peter Obi is at the federal level. All young people hired to become thugs in Enugu State should say no. Be careful. Collect their money and vote according to your conscience because this money they use to corrupt you is our collective wealth.

“They stole it to buy us off during the elections and bring us back to suffering. It won’t happen this time. Edeoga is a simple man. He is humble. Edeoga seeks peace. We look forward to the next eight years in Enugu State. Former Governor Sullivan Chime is a role model in the state. His administration saved the Nsukka people by this road which crosses Enugu-Ugwuogo-Opi-Nsukka. Without this road, Nsukka would have been cut off. We thought this route should have been dualised. We are therefore looking for such a governor in the state who can have the courage to initiate such projects.


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