Wilmington’s ‘No Limit’ gym fights to keep youth off the streets

Coaches say some young fighters are already decorated champions

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s No Limit Gym trains champion fighters. Professionally, there are a handful – including 18-3 Lamar Russ, Andreas Bostic, Marquis Campbell and Lamont Hooper. They also have ten-year-old Cain “Bam Bam” Bass, who just won a tournament in South Carolina, and 18-year-old Darius Hawes, who placed 2nd in his first tournament.

Over its ten years, No Limit has seen many fighters step into the ring of all abilities. Former-pro-now-coaches train anyone with a passion to work.

“When I started in the gym, it just got bigger and bigger,” boxing trainer Lesley Weakley said. “Then I started working with pros.”

But soon, the mission changed. Hammer Kickboxing trainer Kelvin Bass has teamed up with Weakley. Their common mission is now to train champions but also to train young people to become adults.

“Changing the community. We’re trying to help change the Wilmington community,” Coach Bass said. “And do things for these kids to keep them off the streets. This is the most important thing right now. »

“Kids need an outlet, and I feel like I can be the outlet with the gym,” Weakley said.


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