Young leaders and families mobilize against gun violence


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Just over a month after a deadly shooting at the Jennifer Ross soccer complex, leaders of youth and families affected by gun violence have come together to rally behind her.

They met Tuesday night at Memorial Stadium.

City, County and Youth leaders spoke about how gun violence affected youth and the community of Savannah and Chatham County as a whole. There were also brothers, mothers and many more who said gun violence changed their lives forever.

Dozens of families, coaches and more met at Memorial Stadium to talk about ending gun violence. Organizer Todd Rhodes says he wants to reverse the curse gun violence has on Savannah and around Chatham County.

“It affects us all and I’m at a point now that I’m tired and had enough. Because I’m tired, that doesn’t mean I’m typing on Facebook and saying I’m tired. No. It’s about putting the boots on the ground and being consistent. We just have to go to our communities and inform people sufficiently. Let’s come together. We all have someone in this town who has been affected by gun violence, ”Rhodes said.

Rhodes says the Savannah Coalition of Youth Leaders wants to be proactive with youth and communities across the county. The group and others are working to form another coalition to talk to city and county leaders.

“The long term solution is to make sure that as a coalition we challenge the city, we challenge the county to make sure they give us the resources that we can provide the tools to help these kids to. escape the violence and really start thinking about the future, ”said Jay Jones of the Savannah Coalition of Youth Leaders.

The coalition says it plans to meet once a month to tour Savannah and Chatham County to talk about gun violence and how to prevent it.

The coalition has set up a hotline to help young people in difficulty and who need someone to turn to. They staged this shortly after the fatal shooting at the Jennifer Ross football complex over a month ago.

This number is 1.888.967.7678.

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