Young people in Goa are steadily climbing the corporate ladder

Jul 14, 2022 | 06:15 IST

Young people in Goa are steadily climbing the corporate ladder

Goa seems to be making its way into the world of multinational corporations with the help of the youth of Goa. With their acquired skills and their aim to excel, they reach greater heights in the corporate space. Some students from Goa Institute of Management share their experience

Nathan Shimron

Students in Goa are making huge leaps forward in the professional world with internships in multinational companies. These students shatter stereotypes of the Susegad lifestyle as they strive to reach the top. These days, experience really counts on a student’s resume and these students make sure theirs isn’t even missing in the slightest. A few students from Goa Institute of Management (GIM) share their experiences as they spent their summer holidays interning at companies such as Phillips, ICICI, Asian Paints, etc.

As most internships are part of a process of learning and practicing their theoretical knowledge, one of the GIM students, Sumeet Lohar of Vasco da Gama, is currently interning at Phillips as part of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Big Data Analytics, where he compares a regular internship experience to his own. He says, “I get the opportunity to work on critical projects, have meetings with high-level stakeholders, and get insight into the discussions and planning that’s going on behind the scenes. Also, I can relate to what we are taught in the classes, which helps to address real-life scenarios. He goes on to explain that multinational companies are certainly an advantage for a student: “We have the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and to be exposed to different cultures. We can interact with industry leaders and understand their views. We also get to know the framework of the company, which certainly helps in the long run. »

Laxman Krishna Bist from Aldona is an intern with a two-decade IT company, Empower India. Most jobs require a minimum length of experience that goes through internships. “The internship gives students in-depth experience of working in an industry and provides the opportunity to work on larger end-to-end projects. In addition to the knowledge I gained during the internship, I also had the chance to work with different teams around the world,” says Laxman, explaining the many benefits.

He then details his personal career gains: “Goa’s IT industry is still in its infancy compared to IT hubs like Bangalore. It is a difficult task to be exposed early to the international work culture. Having had the chance to work in a multinational company helped propel my career forward. When you join a multinational, you inevitably find yourself in a multicultural environment. It gives you new perspectives and is tailored to your language skills. It also offers the right preparation for an international career. You build a global network and can find out ‘on the job’ if this environment is right for you without having to travel first,” he says.

Amona’s Shashank Sawant is interning at ICICI Bank and describes his work experience as “certainly more rewarding than it could have been in any other organization”. He further adds, “Experience at ICICI Bank, one of the largest banks in India, gave me better exposure to business in terms of quality of work, data literacy and culture. My ideas and recommendations had to be backed up with numbers and as a result I worked all summer to deliver quality added value to the organization He shared how he felt an internship in multinational was far better beyond the outlandish stereotype, saying, “As a youngster from Goa, I think it’s always better to be exposed in a multinational. Apart from money and benefits, it helps you to grow in your career and as a person You work with people from different cultures, learn from the best and provide solutions that contribute to the growth of the organization, which eventually propels your career along with your personal growth .

Asian Paints intern Kris Mendosa of Dona Paula says, “Given the circumstances, having an offline internship was a godsend. I got the license to take ownership of my internship, without needing to make daily updates to my manager. Freedom gave me an understanding of the industry from scratch. Therefore, the final recommendations I gave to management were based on the current market situation. He also explains how the working lifestyle in these multinational companies differs enormously and is also important to adapt to. He shares, “After my studies, I have almost three years of work experience in a multinational company. This allowed me to make a smooth transition to my internship. There is much to learn from the structured approach followed by these multinational companies. From proven best practices to exposure to working with top talent in India and abroad, working in Mumbai and Bangalore has helped me adapt to different cultures and lifestyles.

Since Goa is often stereotyped as a laid back place, these students need to break the ice with colleagues. “When people hear that I live in Goa, everyone is usually very excited. Their first reaction is always, ‘You are so lucky to live in Goa’. They start asking about places to visit in Goa and share stories if they’ve been to Goa before. It’s a great icebreaker when talking to new people,” says Sumeet. Laxman explains how Goa becomes a joyful topic: “They start talking about the beauty of the place and how lucky I am to be there. They are not wrong; it really is a place of wonder. They usually remember one of their business trips in Goa and reveal other plans to revisit Goa during the summer. It makes me proud and privileged to know that the place I was born instills such positive energy. Kris Mendosa also had similar reactions as he explains: “Everyone’s first reaction is positive. They remember i instantaneously from their successful or unsuccessful trips to Goa. It’s a great way to build new relationships. Unlike the rest of the students, Shashank says most employees don’t think much about the Goan factor about him, but some senior managers and loan category heads mentioned they don’t have many interns from business schools. , who are Goans.

It’s truly amazing to see the students of Goa setting an example for others that with the right skill set, ambition and drive, there are no limits to how high you can fly .


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