Youth coalition warns of continued insecurity and calls for youth leadership – The Sun Nigeria


From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Group Leaders Council of Nigeria (GLCN), an umbrella body for young Nigerian leaders, warned the political leader of the country’s continuing instability and unemployment.

“Since the establishment of the present democratic system in 1999, Nigeria has continued to be plagued by numerous crises which have jeopardized the sovereignty and unity of the nation,” the youth fusion said during a conference in Abuja yesterday.

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According to GLCN leader Samuel Ogundare, factors such as instability, unemployment, hyperinflation, corruption, religious clashes, banditry, kidnappings, ethnic hostilities among others have continued despite efforts fierce efforts from some quarters to put an end to it, according to GLCN President Samuel Ogundare.

He said, “No true Nigerian patriot can ignore the reality that Nigerians have steadily endured and suffered greatly from unqualified, corrupt or selfish leadership at virtually all levels of government.”

According to him, due to the dire situation in the country, leaders of youth groups have taken it upon themselves to identify viable youth and individuals aligned with the Youth Agenda, review their respective manifestos and/or political ideologies and form strategic alliances. aimed at establishing the platforms that will empower more young people and enable them to have a symbiotic relationship with their leaders and political representatives.

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They implored the youths to stand in the upcoming general elections of 2023, which they say is paramount for the majority of concerned, patriotic and impoverished Nigerians.

The group has therefore scheduled an emergency conference to be held on June 3 in Abuja.

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